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Why We Praise God

God has paid for our sin

Sometimes, we can feel overwhelmed when we realize how much sin and wrong we have done in our lives. We think of the time when we rejected what God wanted us to do. It’s in times like these that we have to remind ourselves that “where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more” (Romans 5:20). Only God has been able to make payment for our sin. Only God has been able to eliminate the need for us to pay for our own sins. Only God has been able to put us in a right relationship with Him. God did this through the death of His Son Jesus on the cross.

God is our Source of joy

Ultimately, God deserves praise because He is our Source. He provides for spiritual needs (Psalm 65:1-5). He also provides for physical needs (Psalm 65:6-13). He has provided in the past, present, and will continue to do so in future. He is our Reason for being. He will be our Reason for eternity. Ultimately, we owe our life to Him. Yet, we should not praise Him with hesitation. Between spiritual needs (Psalm 65:1-4), and physical needs (Psalm 65:9-13), God provides for emotional needs (Psalm 65:8). God is the source of joy. Because God is the source of joy, He ultimately will receive praise, and deservedly so.

He hears and answers prayer

People come to God and pray to Him. The reason we do that is because we know that God listens and answers prayer. Knowing that God answers prayer we should give me the reason to shout to Him in praise.

God has proven to be our Hope

God deserves praise because He hears prayers, has paid for our sin, wants to spend time with us, and He is our Hope. God has already shown how He has provided to His people. He sent the plagues to Egypt to deliver His people out of slavery. He parted the Red Sea to provide a way to safety. These are just two of the numerous ways in which God has shown how He has manipulated circumstances to provide His people. But God is the Hope for everyone – “the hope of all the ends of the earth.” There are ways in which God has showed each person who trusts in Him a way out of difficulty. He has provided paths of safety for people who have encountered dangers and toils. He does works of might and miracle to provide a way for His people.


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